Getting Started

  1. Step 01: Download our software

    interface screenshot

    First click on Download, and then, if prompted, click "Save File".
    The install software will now download to your desktop or to your Downloads folder.

  2. Step 02: Install it

    After downloading the software click it to start installation.

    After successfully installing the software:

    1. Click on the World Poker Club icon on your desktop
    2. Click on My Account
    3. Click on Open Account
    4. Fill out the registration form with the correct information. Remember to enter a valid email address to get your account validated.
    interface screenshot
  3. Step 03: Validation

    As soon as you click on the validation email, you will receive your screen name and you are ready to play.

    interface screenshot

Click here for detailed download instructions.

Why Us

The answer is undeniably the "ACTION". World Poker Club offers you the chance to play with people that love to gamble and love to create Big Pots. Whether you are new to the game or been playing for years, World Poker Club will get your adrenaline pumping like no other site you've played.

Know more About Us.

Our top features:

  • Personalized customer support
  • The best cash games in all limits
  • Tournaments with REAL chances to cash (Max 500 players)
  • Real Money Rewards
  • Fast and secure payment options

Real Money

Playing for real money

Experience the thrill of playing our real money games and let us show you what online poker is all about. WPC is proud to bring back the reason why this beautiful game became so popular by providing all our players with a vast variety of cash game limits, tournaments with real chances to cash along with the best tools to maximize this poker journey.
You are only three steps away from starting this unique experience.

All Our Options

List of our payment processors:

Let us help you

24/7 customer support

We know how important is to be able to get a hold of someone when you need help or have a question or concern. Please feel free to reach us by using any of the following channels of communication:

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